How to Have Great Posture at Work

Did you know that workers of various occupations are often exposed to several risk factors that predispose them to musculoskeletal disorders? These risk factors include: ∙ Excessive Force ∙ Repetitive Tasks ∙ Awkward Postures ∙ Static Postures ∙ Contact Stress ∙ Prolonged Exertion ∙ Frequent Heavy Lifting If you work in an industry where you […]

Wedding Dream Comes True, Thanks to CORE

At CORE Physical Therapy, we have patients who come in with big and small goals in mind. Recently, one of our patients shared a very special goal with our team: her wish was to walk her son down the aisle at his wedding.   The patient had been suffering from severe pain in her lower […]

What is Therapeutic Massage? Learn About the Treatment from Our New Massage Therapist

It doesn’t matter if it’s from a recent surgery, an acute sports injury or anything else in between: nobody wants to deal with pain. If you’re looking for some extra relief on top of your typical physical therapy exercises, it might be a good idea to consider visiting CORE Physical Therapy’s massage therapist. Here’s why: […]

Take a Look Inside Our Anaheim Hills Open House

Last week, our team at Core Physical Therapy had our open house and ribbon cutting ceremony for our recently added Anaheim Hills location. It was a wonderful event, and we enjoyed seeing everyone there. Thank you to everyone that came; we look forward to seeing you at our new Anaheim Hills location soon!   Here […]

For a Better Body: Physical Therapy or Surgery?

For a Better Body: Physical Therapy or Surgery? Scalpels? Scary. Anesthesia? No thanks. Human about to cut you open? Get me out! Surgery has many components, and it seems like none are comforting. No matter how talented the surgeon or anesthesiologist, even a simple surgery can take a turn for the worst at any moment. […]

Sit Tight: It’s More than Just an Expression

Sit Tight: It’s More than Just an Expression Working nine to five might put bread on the table, but what good is the bread if it hurts to sit down and eat it? Sitting at a desk for so many hours a day directly impacts the shortness of your hamstrings. The shorter your hamstrings, the […]

CORE Fitness Challenge!

8 Weeks to a Healthier You! April 25 – June 20 The Challenge: Total Body Transformation Our challenge includes testing in the following areas: Body Composition: Includes loss of weight, loss in inches, and loss in body fat Fitness: Timed one mile run/walk Muscular Endurance: Timed circuit Winners are based on total improvement in all three […]

Christmas Card Success Story

Our patient, Robert, initially came to CORE Physical Therapy for right hip pain, where he was diagnosed with hip osteoarthritis. While physical therapy decreased his pain, he continued to have problems with well-being activities. Unfortunately, he then also ruptured his Achilles tendon and we began treatment for that as well. Shortly after, he had a […]

5 Tips for Making Your Resolution

5 Tips for Making Your Resolution It’s January, and we all know that with January come those New Year’s Resolutions. We’ve talked about how to try and maintain your resolution throughout the year, but sometimes it’s less about what your resolution is and more about how you make it. We have a few ways to […]

Keep Your New Years Resolution

Keep Your New Years Resolution We all make New Year’s resolutions but so few people actually are still keeping them by December 31st. Losing weight tends to be one of the more popular resolutions, and that’s not a bad thing. Resolving to get in shape, especially after the holiday season, is a good goal. But […]

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Understanding the Lower Kinetic Chain and How It Can Affect Athletes
It may not be a surprise to know that throwing and overhead athletes experience a multitude of shoulder and elbow injuries. But would it surprise you to know that weakness or limited endurance in the core and lower body, or even foot type could be contributing to shoulder or elbow pain, dysfunction, or injury in […]

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