Should Medical Yearly Check-Ups Include Physical Therapy?

For many, annual check-ups at the doctor and bi-annual oral cleanings at the dentist are standard preventative healthcare practices. But what about visiting your physical therapist for an annual check-up?

The impact of chronic conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes can be significantly altered by making health and behavior modifications. These include visiting your physical therapist for annual check-ups (Bezner, 2015).

Most people do not realize that physical therapists restore functional movement and provide injury prevention and musculoskeletal degeneration detection.  Or that according to the American Physical Therapy Association, an annual visit to your physical therapist can help to determine your overall health status (2018). As musculoskeletal specialists, physical therapists are well prepared to help protect your movement system- that is, your body.

It’s time for us to stop neglecting our bodies. Our musculoskeletal system is essential for every single action and movement we perform each day. Allow us to help you protect your body, assess your functional biomechanics, and correct any underlying dysfunctions. Call us today to schedule an annual visit so that we can assist you in our favorite phrase, Problem Solved!



Bezner, J. R. (2015). Promoting health and wellness: implications for physical therapist practice. Physical therapy, 95(10), 1433-1444.

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