It’s soccer season again, which means that CORE Physical Therapy is here to assist with preventing or helping to recover from soccer-related injuries. Whether for yourself, your child or someone else, proper preparation is key to avoiding common injuries associated with soccer.

James Maynard, BS, CSCS from CORE Physical Therapy, who played soccer in England and came to the United States on a soccer scholarship, recommends players understand the following steps to help reduce their risk of any injury.

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  • Wear Proper Footwear – The sole of the cleat should match the field surface. For instance, wearing indoor cleats on grass will cause the athlete to slip or slide more. Ensure that you have a proper shoe fitting as well. Too tight or too loose can add to the risk of injury.

  • Stretch Before and After the Game – As with any exercise, safely stretching all the major muscle groups before and after the game can dramatically reduce the risk of injury. Dynamic stretches should be performed prior to playing and static exercises following the game.

  • Keep Up Your Cardiovascular Health – Staying in good cardiovascular shape is an important part of overall health. On the soccer field, stronger cardio translates into more efficient muscle use. Consider including a light jog in your warmup routine, and make a plan to gradually build up your cardio strength.

  • Stay Hydrated – The recommended daily water intake is 2.5 liters per day for women, and 3.5 liters per day for men. When rehydrating, make sure to drink a half-liter for every pound lost on the field.


How Can CORE Help?

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