At CORE Physical Therapy, our therapists believe in their ability to restore their patients to an active level of functionality. Through their doctoral training, they specialize in getting patients back to their daily activities to live their life before any accident, injury or surgery.

Imagine that you are a star athlete who just injured your knee or shoulder just before the big season is going to start. Has your athletic career or season ended? 

What if you are 5 years from retiring, and you throw out your back at work? Can you make it through those next five years? Will life after retirement be something to look forward to? 

CORE Physial Therapy Fullerton, Ca

Your elderly grandparent tragically fell and cannot get around due to the damage and pain. Can they get back to where they were before? Where they at their best before the injury?

Your loved one was in an accident, and the doctors aren’t sure if they will walk again. Is there anything that can be done? Yes.

There are proven methods of healing to all the examples above? When all the pieces of the healthcare puzzle are used, the results can be amazing. Physical therapy can be one of those pieces used during medical treatment or the last piece of the puzzle. Either way, the puzzle is never completed without it. Their specialization is in assisting with the diagnosing of the smallest factors contributing to the pain, body limitations or lack of movement. They then design and customize a treatment plan to tackle those factors.

The therapists at CORE see every case as unique. They understand that with great physicians, their knowledge and the follow-through of patients, results can be reached.

“I became a physical therapist because I love to learn my patient’s stories and history because that is unique to every injury. Then, tailoring an individual course of treatment to help them reach their goals strategically. 100 different knee injuries will have 100 different stories and histories. I’m privileged to puzzle together 100 different treatment plans.” -Dr. Carey Laurent DPT, PT  

CORE Physical Therapy, where our therapists are part of your healing journey and your results. If you or a loved one has had an injury, accident, surgery or simply needs help with balance or core strengthening, call us at 714.870.8478 to schedule your appointment today. 

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