Hip impingement is a common condition for baseball and softball players because they can put a lot of torque on their hips while swinging at pitches. It can also affect golfers, tennis players and other athletes who rely on their hips as a source of power and stability. 


What is Hip Impingement? 

In a medical sense, hip impingement happens when there is abnormal contact between the ball of the thigh bone and the hip socket. Sometimes, it is a condition based on how the bones form. In other cases it develops as a result of damage to the joint.

CORE Physical Therapy Fullerton, Ca

With hip impingement, you may feel pain at the hip. It can also be felt in the groin muscles, lower back, buttocks or other parts of the upper leg as various joints and muscle groups have to work together to make up for the hip not functioning efficiently. 


How can CORE PT help?

Physical therapy can provide you with pain relief and increased range of motion. It can also correct bad physical habits and poor athletic form that may be compounding the problem. At CORE Physical Therapy we customize treatments to our patient’s specific needs, to help you prevent any surgical intervention. Our goal is to get you back to a pain-free lifestyle so you can enjoy your favorite activities. 


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