CORE Physical Therapist Dr. Carey Laurent says that stress increases our pain levels. Something that used to be a six on the pain scale could now be an eight. During the busy, constantly rushed feeling of the holidays, stress is inevitable. For people already dealing with pain challenges, holiday stress can lead to increased pain. Don’t worry, because CORE Physical Therapy has your back. We believe that keeping you active is key to a healthy mental and physical life. We strive to bring you to a point where you can be engaged in the moments worth living, like holidays with your family and friends.

CORE Physial Therapy Fullerton, Ca

Getting through the holidays with CORE:


  • Sleep—Proper rest is vital to your everyday life. This is especially important during the holiday season. Studies show that adequate sleep leads to decreased pain perception and increased mood. Both are vital during this busy season.

  • Stay Hydrated—Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Do not rely on energy drinks and caffeine to get you through.

  • Stay Active—Our personal trainers are dedicated to strategizing programs tailored to you. Personal trainers are available for $30 for 30 mins or $60 for 60 mins. Also, our wellness classes and boot camps are great ways to reach small wins that lead to further victory. At $10 per class or $69 for unlimited classes, it’s the best buy of the season.

  • Physical Therapy—Keeping your physical therapy appointments is essential. Do not make your injuries or pain worse by not listening to your body or your therapist.

  • Massage—Fight back against stress with our amazing massage therapist. He can set you up for success to help you get through the season. Just $15 for 15 mins, $30 for 25 minutes and $50 for 50 minutes. Massage is a wonderful gift to give or receive.

  • Tools for Success—Our products are here for your convenience. Our team will teach you how to use and benefit from each tool we recommend. Make sure to look out for our daily specials during the month of December.


CORE Physical Therapy wants to help you make the most of your holiday season. Don’t let stress and bad habits regress you back to where you were before you began your healing journey. You don’t have to wait for a New Year’s resolution to stay healthy. Call us today at 714 870-8478 to get the services you need.