When you are dealing with back pain, the swimming pool can be your best friend. Getting into the pool is a way to get great exercise while avoiding undue strain on your back and joints. 

Dr. Krista Contreras and Dr. Ashley Comeford recommend CORE Physical Therapy aquatic classes because: 

CORE Physical Therapy Fullerton, Ca
  • Less Stress on Joints – aquatic therapy un-weights your body, which allows you to complete more activity with increased comfort. 

  • Relaxation – warm water improves muscle relaxation and reduces excess nerve activation. 

  • Pain Reducer – being in the water has shown to help with pain as it allows you to do an activity that you could typically not do on land due to pain or discomfort. 

  • Improve Activity Tolerance – in the water you are able to do activities for a longer period of time, which allows increased tolerance for activity. 

  • Stimulates Lymphatic Flow – stimulating lymphatic flow will help to reduce swelling. 

  • Fun & Refreshing – during these hot summer days being in the water is refreshing and assists with added stress and tension. Also, when a pool workout is done right, it may not feel like a workout at all.


Join us at CORE Physical Therapy for a great aquatic therapy class. 

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