Playtime is for more than just kids! Studies are showing that fun activities are beneficial for your health. More than that, playing is great for increasing happiness and productivity as well. Here are a few reasons playtime should be included in your daily routine!

  • Loads of Laughter: Laughter releases stress, of course. One particular study showed that those that laugh have a better memory and lower levels of cortisol, which is a hormone that is specifically linked to stress. High stress can lead to headaches, increased anxiety, and insomnia, so maintaining low cortisol is essential for healthy living!

  • Beefy Brains: Brain games help stimulate the mind, no matter the age. Another study showed that when people were asked to memorize new names for colors, the grey matter in the brain was increased. Grey matter is what helps aid muscle control, sensory perception, emotions, speech, and decision making, so more grey matter keeps the body in control.

  • Healthy Heart: Physical play—whether that be walking the dog or dancing or playing sports with the kids—will keep your heart healthy. It consistently burns calories, which helps lower fat. If the play is outside, the body gets more Vitamin D, which can increase overall disposition.

  • Fervent Friendships: In addition to a physically healthy heart, playtime can keep your heart emotionally healthy as well. Couples that are active or playful are the ones that last longer, according to research. Even if they just reminisce about funny past experiences, couples that laugh together tend to be more satisfied.


Whether it’s physical exercise or just playing with the kids, keep your day as full of playful moments as possible. There are so many physical and emotional benefits from keeping life lighthearted! At CORE Physical Therapy, we love laughter. Come join us in some of our fitness classes to keep your emotional and physical health!

Image by Austin Schmid