For those who suffer from spinal stenosis, physical therapy can offer long-term relief.  Fortunately, surgery is rarely needed to treat spinal stenosis and is often the last resort only if there is serious spinal damage that needs to be repaired.  Otherwise, either passive or active physical therapy would be your best course of treatment. 


The exceptional physical therapists at CORE Physical Therapy offer the following techniques to help you with your spinal stenosis diagnosis:

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Hot or cold therapies

  • Electrical nerve stimulation

  • Stretching and targeted exercises

  • Posture and balance correction

CORE Physical Therapy Fullerton, Ca

As with any injury or recurring physical ailment, each case of spinal stenosis will be treated on a patient-by-patient basis. No two bodies are exactly the same. When you work with an experienced physical therapist like the ones at CORE Physical Therapy, you know you are in good hands. Our therapists work with you to design a custom treatment plan that will help you recover and eliminate the pain associated with spinal stenosis.

To learn more about CORE’s spinal stenosis physical therapy treatments or to schedule your appointment, call us today at 714 870-8478 or visit our website at  www.corept.net.