Dementia is a term used to describe a complex and still poorly understood condition. Researchers are still learning more about people living with cognitive decline. For many years, physical therapy was ignored as an effective treatment for dementia patients. However, the trend is changing as we learn more about how physical therapy can improve lives.


Research shows that physical therapy can be a very effective way to help dementia patients. At first blush, the link between physical mobility and cognitive function may be unintuitive, but science shows a remarkable and unmistakable connection.

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Here are some of the key benefits of physical therapy for patients with dementia:


  • Improved Balance and Less Risk of Falls
    Dementia patients often lose mobility and balance due to changes in the brain. This can lead to harmful falls resulting in fractures, head trauma, and other physical injuries. Targeted physical therapy treatments improve a patient’s gait and balance, along with joint and muscle strength, to help prevent falls and physical injuries often associated with dementia.


  • Increased Circulation
    Physical therapy can improve a patient’s blood circulation through a combination of regular physical activity and efforts to improve the patient’s mobility. Better circulation stimulates both the body and mind, improving health and potentially increasing cognitive ability.


  • Emotional Benefits
    Physical therapy is known to have many emotional benefits that are especially meaningful to dementia patients. At CORE Physical Therapy, we personalize our treatments to the patient’s needs and preferences. Dementia patients suffering from cognitive decline need an extra level of care and attention to find what will motivate them and lead to a healthier lifestyle.


  • Social Benefits
    Because we establish a strong personal connection with each patient, our sessions can improve a patient’s social abilities outside our therapy center. They experience less stress and anxiety thanks to the physical and emotional benefits of physical therapy, which can translate to other settings in beneficial ways.


How CORE Physical Therapy Can Make a Difference

At CORE Physical Therapy, we work closely with dementia patients and their caregivers to develop care plans that account for the patient’s entire wellbeing. A custom physical therapy plan can improve the mind, body, and spirit, allowing these patients to enjoy happier and healthier lives.


Contact CORE Physical Therapy today to learn more about physical therapy plans for dementia patients or to schedule your first therapy session with one of our caring physical therapists. We’re here to help!