CORE Physical Therapy understands how important it is to maintain your training regimen and that it may be harder to do now that everyone must stay at home. That's why we've created these instructional videos. You can get the same workout you'd get in one of our workout classes, but in the safety of your own home.

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Morning Stretch

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Lower Body Class

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DPT Class

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Morning Foam Roll Class

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Group Workout

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High Impact Class

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Upper Body Strength Routine

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Dynamic Warm-Up


Balance pt. 1 and 2

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Strength & Endurance Routine

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Plyometrics 2

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Afternoon Workout

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Lower Body Stretches

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Rad Rod Mobility Routine


Mobility Exercises

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Full Body Workout

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Stay Pain Free at Home

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Plank Dynamic Exercises

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Jon's Exercise Routine

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Mobility Routine

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Bosu Ball Exercises

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Core Class

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Upper Body Class

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Circuit Training

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Circuit Training 2

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Leg Day

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Seated Stretch Routine

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Full Body Workout 2

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Warm-Up Routine

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Low Impact Workout

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Plyometrics 1

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Full Body Glute Workout