Foot pain is a common problem with many potential causes. Such as poor walking mechanics, or just badly fitted footwear. 

Dr. Abid Chaudhry, foot and ankle specialist, says that many problems can be resolved without resorting to surgery. If you are dealing with foot pain, seek the advice of a foot specialist. They are best trained in this arena and can suggest simple strategies like: 

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  • Choosing the right footgear. Shoes are very important for maintaining good foot health. A pair of shoes need to fit well and support the feet. In choosing a shoe, consider how the heel and arch are supported. A deep heel cup can be crucial for stability and support. Also, when your foot is in the shoe, make sure that you can pinch a thumbs width at the widest part of the shoe. This will ensure the shoe is not too small or too tight.  

  • Consider orthotics. Off-the-shelf shoe inserts or inserts that are built into your shoes are an inexpensive way to add extra support and cushioning to a pair of shoes. However, true custom-molded inserts or Orthotics are the best way to gain true support. They are designed to reduce stress and strain by bringing your feet back to proper alignment. 

  • Analyze gait and posture. Foot problems are not always caused in the feet alone. Having a professional analyze your gait pattern can do wonders. How a person walks, stands or strides the legs can add to common foot, back, hip and knee issues. If caught early, many conditions can be treated and add to avoiding back, hip or knee surgery. 

  • Foot exercises. Proper exercises to help in strengthening the muscles and tendons can also help to eliminate or prevent foot and leg pain. Physical therapy can assist with teaching these basic skills to increase all-around core strength to the body as a whole.  


At CORE Physical Therapy our team works with these and many other diagnoses. We are trained in exercises for strengthening muscles and relieving pain. We provide custom molding for Orthotics and special orthotics for our diabetic patients. Whether your pain is coming from a traumatic injury or is the result of wear-and-tear over time, we have strategies to help you achieve lasting relief. Call us today at 714 870-8478 to make an appointment. CORE Physical Therapy: Problem Solved!