It’s the time of the year when we make the most amazing promises to ourselves. Resolutions have been mistakenly intertwined with hopes and wishes. Some of the most common resolutions are: 

  • To lose weight 

  • Become more active 

  • Get healthy 

At CORE, we know how to help you reach your desired results. The issue with resolutions is that we dream of the results without realizing the extensiveness of the journey. 


How CORE can help you change your resolutions to results: 

  • Personal trainers- Best option to ensure your success. They can help you by not only putting a program together but by running it through with you and keeping you accountable to your desired goals. Our trainers are $1.00 per minute and are scheduled in 30 and 60 minute time frames. Work out with a buddy and split the cost. 

  • Wellness program- if you are a self-motivator than this may be a great option. Have our trainers put a program together that you can run on your own. They will re-evaluate every month to help you manage your progress. Classes start for as little as $10 per class or $69.00 for a monthly program. No Contracts.

  • Massage/Stretching- Stress is common after the busy holidays. Stress is a known factor in taking a toll on the body. Regular massage and body stretching can provide the relief needed. Massage and stretching are available for $1.00 per minute and can be scheduled in 15, 25 and 50-minute increments. 

  • Aquatic Therapy- is a great option for those with painful backs, knees, and joints. It is helpful in improving flexibility, balance, and coordination, building muscle strength and endurance, gait and promoting relaxation. Two programs available: 

  1. $100 per month for twice a week 

  2. $120 per month for three times per week. 


If you want to be successful, then define your resolution, with as much detail as possible. Make your resolutions: S.M.A.R.T

Self-aware, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.


Self-Awareness- is more valuable than any gym equipment. Empowerment to achieve your goals needs to come from within.  

Measurable & Attainable- Your resolutions can be accomplished. To make your goals attainable, have small goals to build on each other so that you can measure the successes. 

Realistic- Be practical, realistic and honest with yourself. Whatever your desire, make sure that you have provided yourself the best option for success. Realize where you are and how long it took you to get there. Whatever your situation, I’m sure it didn’t happen overnight and it will not be a quick fix. Be realistic and know that healthy living is a lifestyle, not a habit. 

Timely- Timely goals allow us to track our progress. It is important to note that even “slow process” is a success. Be excited about each and every milestone along the way. One day you will look back and realize that you are at 100% of your goals.  

Remember that CORE Physical Therapy & Wellness offers transitional wellness programs such as; Personal Training, Therapeutic Massage/Stretching, Aquatic and Fitness memberships with health and wellness classes. We are here for all your healing and wellness needs. Our specialty is getting you to a better place than you were before. 

We are here to help you change your resolutions to results. Call us today at 714-870-8478 to get started and make 2020 not only a new year and a new decade but a new you!

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