Hitting the trail for a hike is a great way to improve health. Hiking takes walking to the next level, thanks to varied terrain and potentially more climbing and descending than someone might encounter on the street. Being out in nature can quiet the mind, too. Many trail guides offer difficulty ratings, giving hikers the information they need to choose a path that’s just right for their physical fitness level.

Whether it’s an easy hike or a difficult one, we definitely recommend taking some time to stretch and warm-up before you hit the trail. Stretch out your back, sides and leg muscles and joints to minimize fatigue and the risk of injury. Always stay hydrated and pack some healthy snacks if you want to take a break or two on a longer hike. Lastly, watch where you step. You don’t want to roll an ankle on a trail’s uneven surfaces.

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James Maynard, CSCS, fitness trainer for CORE Physical Therapy recommends:

  1. Have Water?
    Not just to keep you hydrated, but also because water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints.

  2. Strengthen Your CORE:
    Start small and build up. As your core and lower body get strong, choose hillier paths to continue to motivate and train your body.

  3. Fall Prevention:
    Improve balance & coordination by walking on uneven surfaces and trails.

  4. Focus & Relax
    Being out in the open can help you to focus and relax, which some research has said can help with your memory, increase problem-solving skills and give you a stronger attention span.

  5. Goodbye Unwanted Calories:
    Hiking and to some extent, any exercise program is a healthy way to burn off unwanted calories. Balance your meals and exercises for the best results.


CORE Physical Therapy Can Help:

Whether you are looking to get started on hiking or any exercise plan or have recently been injured at one, we can help. CORE Physical Therapy has both fitness trainers and rehab specialists. Contact us for the best way to get started, prevent injury and/or come in for rehabilitation services. Our specialists can get you on or back to an active, healthy lifestyle.


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