If you think about it, we use tools every day for almost every part of our life; in our homes, at work, and for our leisure. Tools are meant for a single purpose, to get the best results with the least amount of effort. This falls under the famous adage “Work Smarter Not Harder.” 

Tools like hammers, ladders, wireless mice, three-hole punch, straws, batteries, remotes, selfie sticks; the list is seemingly endless.

CORE Physial Therapy Fullerton, Ca

Tools are designed to produce the best results with the least amount of effort. Why don’t we do this for our health? They are essential because working too hard or with the wrong tools can lead to unfortunate setbacks. With physical therapy, setbacks could mean several weeks of inactivity or inability to work. At CORE we believe that our tools are designed with the specific intent to produce the best results for your healing and exercise programs. Physical therapy is medicine through manual care and exercises. The manual component typically referred to as “skilled” therapy and exercises, which are typically considered an essential part of the healing process. Just like your referring physician might prescribe medication to take at home, your physical therapist will prescribe a home exercise program to follow. Performing these exercises at home is essential to reaching your goals. 

"The tools we prescribe to our patients are essential in allowing them to achieve their optimal improvements. Without these tools, many of the exercises cannot be performed, and if they are attempted with substitute equipment could lead to increased injury. Like I tell my patients; if you never take the pills, how can you expect to get better?"

- Dr. Jon Myers, PT, DPT

Tools that enhance our leisure are more attractive to us because they are called toys and are fun. But they work in the same way; they enhance the experience and provide the best possible results with the smallest amount of effort. Because our goal is healing your body faster and getting you the most effective recovery available, we not only have the tools available in our office, but we also instruct you on how to use them. We are frequently asked if these tools are truly necessary or if household items around the home could be used? This would not be something we would recommend. Optional items would not provide the same results or we would use them ourselves. We recommend the tools because we know the successful results.


Check with your Physical Therapist on which tools will help you succeed. If you have any questions about physical therapy or these tools, call us at 714 870-8478.

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