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Cutting Edge Therapy

At CORE Physical Therapy, you'll receive the right treatment to help you on the path to wellness.

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Wellness Classes

Discover a variety of fitness and wellness courses provided by the best trainers in North Orange County.


Athletic & Junior Classes

Take part in our classes and trainings designed for top athletes and the younger superstars.


CORE Physical Therapy has created a series of instructional videos that will allow you to work out in the safety of your own home. Keep up with your work out regiment and stay active.


The long-term goals of CORE Physical Therapy are not only to provide cutting-edge physical therapy but that our services would expand and transition into Fitness and Wellness services to help our patients achieve maximum results. When the patient’s injury is restored, they should be able to continue to address their health needs in order to get back to doing everything they desire. 

Our multilingual offices have people who can speak Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, and Vietnamese to ensure language isn't a barrier when it comes to your health and wellness.

Visit One of Our Four Locations:

CORE Physical Therapy Anaheim Hills
CORE Physical Therapy Orage
CORE Physical Therapy Fullerton
CORE Physical Therapy Temecula
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CORE Physical Therapy offers a free initial consultation to those who are in pain and have questions about the benefits of physical therapy.