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CORE Physical Therapy - Aquatic Therapy


Swim Your Way to a Better Life

CORE Physical Therapy offers our patients the chance to have fun while healing takes place. Aquatic therapy is perfect for folks who need to recuperate in a low-stress setting. You’ll benefit from increased stamina, and higher endurance, and maybe meet some new friends. 

Why join CORE’s Aquatic Therapy Club?

  • Benefit from custom therapy by a licensed physical therapist

  • Discover a fun, no-pressure environment

This isn’t your typical “twinges and hinges” pool therapy. This is CORE Physical Therapy’s own approach to your current healing needs. We design your therapy around your injury for optimum results and improved mobility.  Contact CORE Physical Therapy today.

CORE Physical Therapy

You’ve never known therapy like it!

Take the first step towards optimal health by calling us today and
setting up your free consultation!

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