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CORE Physical Therapy - Gait & Balance Training


Each year, 1 out of 3 older adults suffer from a fall. 


Falls can lead to severe disabilities including fractures, a sedentary lifestyle, and even death.  Preventative and post-fall health services, including physical therapy, are available to help maintain and restore the quality of life and wellness of older adults. Physical therapists perform balance assessments and tests to assess one’s balance and risk of falling.  We can then address these impairments and educate older adults on ways to improve their balance.  Balance is a motor skill. To enhance it, you have to train your balance in the same way you would have to train your muscles for strength and your heart for aerobic capacity. 


 Here at CORE Physical Therapy, we utilize a variety of techniques to improve one’s balance, including:

  • Utilizing our cutting technology Vapor Strobe Nike Glasses to provide visual challenges

  • Balancing on unstable surfaces (Bosu ball, Dynadisc, AeroMats, Foam, Foam rolls, Swiss Balls), and

  • Mimicking everyday tasks with visual and proprioceptive challenges for a functional increase in balance 

If you have a fear of falling, notice a decreased loss of balance, or have fallen in the past, come on in for some gait and balance training by one of our experienced staff!

CORE Physical Therapy

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