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CORE Physical Therapy - S.T.E.P Program


The S.T.E.P. Program is a program based on patient communication and education. It is broken into phases that patients may follow pre-op, post-op, and long-term to achieve the best results. The priority is in the initial communication, understanding, and expectation with and from the patient.


Once skilled physical therapy is no longer indicated, the patient could be referred to our S.T.E.P. Program. This is a Supervised Therapeutic Exercise Program, for patients who have graduated from working with our therapists, but who are not comfortable or ready to be on their own. Patients are under the supervision of our therapists, kinesiologists, and fitness trainers to help them achieve their goals in a timely manner. They are taught how to manage their chronic condition and receive updated programs on a monthly basis. Once the patient is confident in their plan they can be released to a HEP, (Home Exercise Plan), to be on their own. When followed appropriately, it can improve patient satisfaction and quality outcomes and in some instances reduce the need for unnecessary procedures and medications.

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