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CORE Physical Therapy - The Osteopathic Way


“At CORE Physical Therapy, we believe the osteopathic practice is a straightforward and sensible way to help improve the well-being of our patients.”

—Matthew Reekstin, MPT, MBA, CSCS

Our approach to your discomfort is to find out

the following simple answers:

What’s the problem? What’s the dysfunction? If something less than optimal is occurring, CORE’s mission is to find it and correct it. We believe manual therapy and prescriptive exercises will do wonders to help a body on the road to wellness. This approach is a very mechanical, physical way to approach how a patient is healed. Over time, if the body does not have an underlying issue, the body will adjust to improve and have the dysfunction corrected. We believe that, by design, the body will do this. Remember, dysfunction—if ignored—leads to further dysfunction. Once the body is no longer fighting, then a patient can work towards normal healing and improved function.

CORE Physical Therapy

You’ve never known therapy like it!

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