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CORE Physical Therapy - Our Nutrition & Wellness Philosophy


Proper nutrition on a daily basis is essential to optimal health and can help us lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. These diseases account for more than half of the deaths in the United States and are largely avoidable with proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle habits.

Additionally, as it relates to physical therapy, many cases we see in the clinic can be avoided if optimal nutrition and preventative exercise become a part of the patient’s ongoing lifestyle. As a part of our Fitness and Wellness services, we focus on injury and disease prevention.

Our ultimate goal is that our patients avoid becoming patients in the first place. And in the case of existing patients, we like to help them avoid becoming patients again.

You don’t need to be one of our patients to get started on a fitness and wellness program that is tailored to your individual needs.


Just take three simple steps:

  • Make an appointment with one of our Fitness and Wellness Experts by calling 714-870-8478. The initial consultation is complimentary.

  • Take the “True Health Assessment” at before your initial consultation.

  • Make a commitment and be ready for positive health changes in your life. All programs are uniquely designed taking into account your specific needs and budget.

State law allows any person to provide nutritional advice or give advice concerning proper nutrition–which is the giving of advice as to the role of food and food ingredients, including dietary supplements. This state law does NOT confer authority to practice medicine or to undertake the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or cure of any disease, pain, deformity, injury, or physical or mental condition and specifically does not authorize any person other than one who is a licensed health practitioner to state that any product might cure any disease, disorder, or condition.

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