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CORE Physical Therapy


CORE Physical Therapy Matthr Reekstin Fullerton, CA

When Matthew Reekstin decided to become a physical therapist, it was one of the most natural decisions he’d ever made.

Growing up in Orange and playing competitive high school sports at Villa Park High School and throughout North Orange County, Matt, and his friends were always getting injured in some way. He was inspired by the personal care and hands-on approach physical therapists employed to help him get back to normal. Matt quickly learned that his compassion and desire to help others would be magnified as a physical therapist in Orange County.

After studying Exercise Science at the University of Arizona, Matt received his Master’s in Business Administration from Chapman University and then went on to Western University of Health Sciences for his Master’s in Physical Therapy. After graduating from Western University, Matt realized a lack of concern for individualized care was rampant in the physical therapy world. He had visited therapy offices where patients were treated as parts in an assembly line, receiving substandard care from unlicensed physical therapists. It was shocking that a personal approach to caring for others had been lost in so many offices. The culture leaves patients feeling poorly treated and future physical therapists poorly trained.

Matt knew that something had to change and that he would be the one to make it happen. He believes the practice of osteopathic manual therapy is the best way for him to properly treat patients and provide the results they deserve.  Thus, CORE Physical Therapy was born in Fullerton.

The mission of CORE is to provide patients with hands-on therapy by licensed physical therapists. Our therapists, trainers, and employees are passionate about helping people get back to normal and live better lives. Additionally, it is the passion of CORE to not only get functional restoration for our patients but to present them with opportunities to continue promoting their health to achieve optimal fitness and wellness, well beyond their time in physical therapy.

“We want our patients to receive physical therapy in a setting that is comfortable, compassionate, forward-thinking, and focused on cutting-edge wellness services and techniques. A hands-on approach means just that: we engage our patients and get to know what ails them to ensure a thorough understanding, and then recommend the best route to optimum wellness.”

—Matt Reekstin, MPT, MBA, CSCS

CORE Physical Therapy Matthr Reekstin Leg Treatment Fullerton, CA

Matt knows the importance of building personal relationships, one patient and one physician at a time. He continues to build his practice and practitioners with the same guidance and training that he expects to give. In other words, CORE is not done until the patient is thriving in good health because the success of CORE Physical Therapy is due to the patients.

With a complete fitness and wellness center in Fullerton and clinics in Orange, Anaheim Hills, and Temecula, CORE Physical Therapy is proud to thank our patients, referring doctors, and employees for their trust and commitment to healthy living. As a matter of fact, just recently, the State of California declared physical therapists as the pre-eminent healthcare providers to promote fitness and wellness in the community. CORE Physical Therapy is well-positioned for just that purpose.

“Physical therapy is not just for people who’ve been injured. If you’re looking for a place to maintain your wellness or need help because you’ve always wanted to run a marathon or climb Mount Whitney, stop by CORE Physical Therapy today.”    

—Matthew Reekstin, MPT, MBA, CSCS

The long-term goals of CORE Physical Therapy are not only to provide cutting-edge physical therapy, but that our services would expand and transition into Fitness and Wellness services to help our patients achieve maximum results. In other words, when the patient’s injury is restored, they should have the option to continue to address their health needs in order to get back to doing everything they desire.

CORE Physical Therapy Core Values
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